Your very own bamboo bungalow in the tranquil VIP area at Envision Festival.

Envision Festival | VIP Lodging | Bungalow | 4-Day

Your very own bamboo bungalow in the tranquil VIP area at Envision Festival.

FROM: $1,395.49 Per Person
Envision Festival Camping

Comes with a single bed and a lockable door. It’s the perfect place to relax between festivities.

Choose your accommodation options below:

Bungalow | One Single Bed | La Sombra


Private Bamboo Bungalow located in La Sombra VIP for the entire duration of the festival.

  • Single bed
  • Lockable door (bring a lock)
  • Access to power outlet
  • Framed mattress
  • pillows
  • linens
  • fan
  • nightstand
  • lamp
  • communal lounge & seating area

“The bungalow was a really good middle ground for me. I didn't break the bank and was still able to be immersed in the festival with my Envision neighbors.”

- Jacob

Envision Festival Venue


Our Venue | Our Home

Rancho La Merced

It is our honor and privilege to welcome you to back to the sixth year at our home, Rancho La Merced, outside Uvita in Costa Rica, and our 10th Year of Envision Festival. Perfectly perched at the junction where the rainforest connects with pristine tropical beach, Rancho la Merced is everything that we could ask for and the true jewel of our invitation to Costa Rica. While just a short, two minute walk to the surf of Playa Hermosa, Rancho la Merced stands as a testament to the glory of Costa Rica’s untamed natural beauty presenting a jungle environment that can only exist here. As always, the real headliner for Envision will be awaiting you over the horizon, the beach being the favorite gathering place for each sunset of the event.

Envision Festival Highlights


Private Room

Private Room

Our guests in the Private Bungalows of VIP can expect to enjoy there own safe space to re-energize after Envision festivities.
Jungle Views

Jungle Views

Our private VIP bungalows have the full Envision experience with Jungle scenery right outside your door.
Private Amenities

Private Amenities

VIP guests get there own showers and restrooms without having to venture far.